Saturday, February 21, 2015

4.1.3 Digital Health

Learning how to efficiently manage time becomes crucial when trying to ensure the most balanced blend of technology and well-being. From my experience, after almost five years being involved in online teaching and learning, time management and organizational skills are inherently tied together in order to get the most from technology while simultaneously safeguarding good health. It is essential to develop strong organizational skills both in the professional field and in the personal domain so that time is used efficiently.

I am currently completing a professional development online course, and there are a couple of strategies that I try to use consistently when managing my time. The first strategy, and the most difficult one for me, is prioritizing. Although it can be very hard to say no to some of the things I enjoy the most, it does pay off when I realize how much I have been able to accomplish during a certain period of time. The second strategy that works very well for me is establishing mini-deadlines. This allows me to complete my work a couple of days ahead of the “real” deadline, which helps make things a lot less stressful. Living ahead of schedule is certainly very rewarding when unexpected things occur.

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