Sunday, February 22, 2015

1.2.1 Roles and Functions in Online Learning Environments

In every Learning Management System (LMS), there are two distinct views of the online learning environment: the administrative side and the viewer side. Individuals play very specific roles and have also well-defined responsibilities aligned with their roles.

Server administrators, enrollment associates, LMS administrators, instructional designers, and instructional technologists ensure that all major areas and roles of a LMS, including the Student Information System (SIS) functionality, are addressed and functioning efficiently.

The role of the student support services as well as the role of the instructor act as the bridge that connects learners to the course content, being the instructor in charge of facilitating the delivery of the digital learning materials. It is for this reason that instructors' management and organizational skills are crucial in order to maximize students' learning experience. Instructors should always write concisely and clearly and organize information in an easy-to-follow order, chunking materials into weekly sessions. Instructors should also manage asynchronous discussions effectively, increasing the interactivity of the online learning environment.

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