Thursday, February 12, 2015

1.1.2 Joining a Digital Learning Community

After exploring many different Digital Learning Communities (DLCs), I focused my attention on those that had the potential to offer a wider variety of language and cultural instructional resources. I created a DLC tag bundle in Delicious to have easy access to them. 

The DLC that I've decided to join is Connexions. Connexions is an open space that integrates a myriad of cross-curricular materials that students can use independently. I found it particularly interesting because, from the Spanish language and culture learning perspective, students can find all the resources that they need to revisit and enrich the concepts and skills taught in the classroom.

Making a DLC like Connexions more appealing to students can be achieved by showing and modeling its effectiveness as well as its endless possibilities in other subject areas. It is important that we teach our students how to efficiently connect different sources of information, so that they can construct their own learning and become self-directed learners.

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