Friday, March 13, 2015

2.1.2 Communication Guidelines

DAY 29/365: Communication by dcosand, on Flickr
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Communication Plan Outline

  • Welcome email:
    • Course name
    • Welcome message (my contact information and office hours)
    • Information concerning the date and time of the synchronous Welcome Session
    • Instructions concerning course access
    • Instructions accessing Course Schedules and Course Syllabi
    • Expectations
  • Individual phone call to each student welcoming him or her to the program and class:
    • Conference with the parent
    • Verification that all contact information, including emails and phone numbers are accurate
  • Personal notes versus mass communication to stakeholders:
    • Individualized performance feedback will be communicated to students, parents, and schools through personal notes.
    • Mass communication to stakeholders will be exclusively used for general announcements and updates.
  • Stakeholders:
    • Daily communication with students
    • Bi-weekly progress report sent to parents and base school
    • Automatic missing assignment/behind pace report sent to parents and base school
    • Brag notes sent regularly to all stakeholders
  • School Policies regarding Communication:
    • These policies will be followed and all contact will be documented for future reference regarding student performance, special needs, and/or academic issues.
    • All administrative team members will be informed about student concerns, academic violations, or parental issues as determined by the program’s policy for communication.
  • Tools available for effective Communication: The “News” forum, Lino stickies, email, phone, Blackboard Collaborate, Skype, Remind 101, DialMyCalls.

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