Thursday, March 5, 2015

3.2.1 Tools for Deciding on an LMS

After researching several of the most popular Learning Management Systems (LMSs) associated with K12 education, I have selected the five top LMS options that seem to better fit the needs of all K12 stakeholders. All these five options offer features and tools that completely fulfill K12 requirements and help create an engaging, effective learning environment. Another criteria that I've considered when making my selection are reliability and technical support. Additionally, as a principle and in order to minimize cost, open-source solutions are always preferable in the K12 setting. All the LMSs included in my selection are open source.
  1. Moodle
  2. Schoology
  3. EDU 2.0
  4. ILIAS
  5. CourseSites by Blackboard

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