Wednesday, April 1, 2015

1.1.1 Time Management

In the online learning environment, effective time management practices are critical in order to ensure academic success. Ritika Trikha, in 10 Must-Have Tools for Time Management, suggests several digital time management tools that have the potential to help students and instructors use their time more efficiently by getting more done in less time. Among these tools, the following ones can be particularly useful to students who struggle with organizational and time management skills:

MindMeister – This tool lets students customize an easy-to-revise virtual mind map. MindMeister is best for visual learners because it's focused on goals rather than lists and orders. Students can also easily collaborate with others on a project. – This is a great tool for those who prefer lists. It is highly engaging and makes it easier to receive crowd-sourced feedback.

Toggl – This simple program is for those students who want to keep track of how long they have been working on a project. They can try to beat their time on given tasks to improve efficiency. Toggl also saves all their work and is accessible on Mac, PC, and mobile phones.

Grid Analysis – This tool is designed to help students make decisions more effectively. They can list their options in a table format and then various factors as columns. The application lets students score each option and then helps them make the best decision based on the factors they input.

StayFocusd – This is a Google Chrome extension that will block students' biggest time-wasting sites. It works like a timer, and asks students to set the maximum time they want to waste on their customized time-killer sites before they are blocked.

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