Monday, April 20, 2015

2.1.1 Data Driven Instruction, Analytics, Reporting Tools Quest

After reviewing the artifacts provided on student enrollments and student progress in this quest's hypothetical course, it is clear that this is a very well managed course in which the teacher consistently monitors student participation and achievement, communicating regularly student progress in the course with all stakeholders. The Learning Management System (LMS) analytics and reporting tools contribute to the efficiency and accuracy of this process.

The data obtained using LMS analytics and reporting tools is critical in order to inform instruction and make course adjustments in the future. As stated in the NMC Horizon Report, 2013 K-12 Edition, student-specific data can now be used to customize curricula and suggest resources to students in the same way that businesses tailor advertisements and offers to customers. This report also suggests that instructors can use data analysis to coach students toward productive behaviors and habits that will lead to their success.

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